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Name: Noel Kreiss
Age: 18
Height: 6' 1" / 185 cm
Special Skill: Meteor Javelin
Weapon: Dual Swords + Lance
Occupation: Hunter & Protector
Voice Actors: Daisuke Kishio (Japanese) and Jason Marsden(English)

Seeker of Miracles at History's End - Walker of the Realm Unseen

Noel doesn't appear in the first game, he makes his grand entrance in FFXIII-2 and is a playable character then. He appears in Lightning Returns as a boss battle and also helps Lightning later on.
Noel's name actually means rebirth or fresh start, so his name kind of has the meaning of what the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy is all about.
Noel is helpful, protective and very loyal of what he believes in. He is the last remaining human in his timeline; "A Dying World 700 A". He gets sent by Etro to Lightning in Valhalla. Lightning then gives him Serah's weapon (Mog) and sends him to Serah in order to help her change the future.

Noel's description in Lightning Returns:
A young man who formerly journeyed with Serah and Mog. Blaming himself for bringing about the destruction of the world, Noel's guilt makes him hide away from society. He ceaselessly works to maintain public order from the cover of darkness and has come to be known as the 'Shadow Hunter'.

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